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Chocolate Cake with Penuche Fudge Frosting

Fri, 12/03/2010 - 4:35PM by sammysunshine 0 Comments -

This cake does not look as perfect as I wanted it to. I wanted to share a perfect "Martha-Worthy" cake but, that is pretty much impossible during the "Arsenic Hour." You know, the Arsenic Hour, a term that describes that sometimes dreadful time between school and dinner, where anything that can go wrong will...where anything that can burn, definitely will...where children bicker...when fits are thrown...there does not seem to be enough coffee in the world during this time...ANYWAY! I made this cake and covered it with Penuche frosting.

When my best friend Jillian and I were kids, her Grandmother always made a chocolate cake with this tasty, fudgy frosting for birthdays and special occasions. Jill and I ruined pan after pan of sugar trying to replicate it. We first tried to do it in Grade Seven when we made a birthday cake for our friend Heather. It was a pretty lopsided cake and the frosting failed but, Bless Heather, she ate some anyway.

I finally figured it out and called Jill to tell her so, we never actually got around to asking her Gram for the recipe. I made ten pans of Brown Sugar fudge today and made this cake to go with supper. I will have more to show you tomorrow. Keep Sweet and I'll blog ya tomorrow.



Death by Chocolate

Thu, 12/02/2010 - 8:02PM by sammysunshine 0 Comments -


This is my favorite variation of all of the chocolate fudges I make. Walnuts are the perfect complement to the velvety, choco-goodness of this rich candy.

As I blogged last night, I have many different variations of the chocolate...it can be layered with other flavors, made with different nuts and flavourings to make it taste like an entirely new candy just about every time.

My next favourite is Southern Comfort Chocolate Pecan, this was my Gram's fave as well, as I posted yesterday. I used to make a special batch just for the two of us at Christmas time. She would hide it away and leave the plain or peanut butter out for guests. It was one of the few treats Gram could tolerate at Christmas time because there was absolutely no flour in the recipe and she couldn't tolerate gluten because of her Celiac.

It has been suggested to me in the past couple of days, by two different people, to make some chocolate mint fudge. I will definitely be adding this to my flavour catalog on a regular basis. A special thank you to Jennifer BB and Jason M (by way of Sarah beth) for suggesting it. I think I will do it as a dark chocolate to make it especially sophisticated.

One flavour that I am really excited about sharing was inspired by a brownie recipe shared by my friend Sharyl K. It is a Mexican food inspired fudge, topped with amazing Ibarra chocolate which differs from North American chocolate because it has a noticable crunch from undissolved sugar crystals and spice. The body of the fudge will be dark chocolate, flavored with cinnamon, cayenne and chili. It really is truly amazing. The mere hint of of cayenne and chili adds a really amazing dimension to the flavour.

Well, that is all, Keep Sweet and I'll blog ya tomorrow.


Quintessential Brown Sugar

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 7:07PM by sammysunshine 0 Comments -


Welcome to the sweetest place on the Internet...The home of Bree's Fudge and Fancies. There are all kinds of places I could have chosen to host this blog but, I chose The Sugar Network because it can't get much sweeter than sugar...Perfect...Sweet...Simple.

I am a mother...a wife...a sister...an aunt...an underemployed call center worker...the zeitgiest-y friend to a bunch of really inspiring bunch of local artists...kitchen dweller...story teller...maker of fudge...

Making fudge seems to be one of the few things I don't mind saying I am kind of awesome at. So, I am going to sell it on a regular basis now. What better month to start selling fudge than December 1, right before the Christmas season. Beats the heck out of Groundhog Day, I guess.

I make every batch by hand. One at a time. I only use the finest ingredients. I will do custom orders. I have tons of flavors that I can do on a custom basis but I will have four in regular rotation ready for order.

Brown Sugar - This recipe is the one that is the basis for most of my recipes. My Mum made absolutely the best version of this that I have ever tasted. It was legendary in Penniac, where we lived when I was a child. Everyone wanted a piece of this stuff and mum usually only made it at Hallowe'en and Christmas. My mum showed me how to make it when I was about twelve and I ruined countless pans of sugar before I figured out how to do the ball stage of cooking. When I finally got it right, I never looked back. In later years, my Mum didn't make it anymore but, she always got me to make some for her. I took that as a high compliment because many were of the opinion that my Mum was one of the best cooks around. I also do a walnut or pecan version of this classic treat.

Chocolate - Speaks for itself, I use my Mum's recipe and only ever use Frye's Cocoa. I use Frye's as well because it is simply the best. I get no money from the Frye's people for saying so either. I occasionally do a cinnamon, mint, orange, almond, walnut or sea salt version of the recipe as well.

Peanut Butter - Also an old fashioned recipe of my Mum's, only the finest ingredients will do. It is the perfect balance of salty and sweet. I use a natural peanut butter for a real old fashioned taste.

Pumpkin - I saw this unique recipe on a TV show about 15 years ago and could never replicate it. I searched The Internet high and low before formulating my own recipe. It is a festive holiday treat, with a subtle spiced cinnamon nutmeg flavor. I occasionally add pecans for extra decadance.

I also have some other flavours for specials and custom orders...Just to give you an idea:

Southern Comfort Chocolate Pecan - Formulated by me after making a really decadent cake with similar ingredients found in a Pillsbury cookbook. I thought to myself, this would make wicked fudge, and so this recipe was born. It was my Gram's favourite flavor and I think of her everytime I make it. And yeah, it tastes amazing and should pretty much be illegal, according to my friend Sarah Beth.

Baja Rosa - A light creamy cloud like strawberry fudge with just a hint of tequila. It is truly a once in awhile kind of treat. It does not have a but a trace of alcohol but is completely addictive for all kinds of other reasons.

White Chocolate Cranberry - White chocolate fudge studded with sweet dried cranberries. The very look of this candy just says "All ready for Christmas Company!"

White Chocolate Candy Cane Swirl - The kid's favourite, layers of crunchy candy cane and white chocolate swirled with rich chocolate fudge.

Double Decker Peanut Butter Cup - My quintessential Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavours, layered for your enjoyment. Yum!

Triple Threat Fudge - Peanut Butter, Slivered almonds and Cashew Butter make a salty sweet treat for those who like their fudge on the nutty side.

B-52 - Layered Coffee flavoured fudge, Irish Cream flavoured fudge and Orange Cream layered in the pan, just like the classic cocktail. Again, truly addictive and unique. I  had a LOT of fun testing this recipe...

Brandy Alexander - Creamy fudge flavored with Cognac and Creme De Cacao with a hint of Nutmeg, just like the famous After Dinner Cocktail.

French Connection - Light fudge laced with Cognac and Amaretto, topped with a few cherries and slivered almonds...amazing.

White Russian - If The Dude ate fudge, this would be the kind he'd have. Creamy white fudge with stripes of coffee flavored chocolate...a trace of vodka adds a bit of sophistication. Serve after dinner at your dinner parties that are more party than dinner.

And many more...I also will try your suggestions and will blog about how it turns out. If you send me a winner, I'll give you a pound of the flavour you suggested. For real. I'll even deliver locally within the Fredericton area. Keep Sweet, and I'll blog ya tomorrow.

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